Club Rules

Club Rules

Operating a domestic basketball club of our size requires more than just administrators, coaches and players. It also requires that the club provides a set of standards and expectations from all parties involved. Below we have listed our by-laws from which we can develop these standards.

Club Requirements

1.To provide competent coaches for all our teams.

2.To provide entries into competitions where our players can perform at their ability level.

3.To provide a safe and well equipped training venue.

4.To ensure all players where possible are put  into their respective grades of ability. This is dependent on numbers and associations’ gradings.

5.To respect the privacy and information of individuals.

6.To administer the club in a manner which not only benefits our members but basketball in general.

7.The club expects all players to give preference to Cougars’ games when games with other clubs clash and when going on tournaments, except championship clubs. As a matter of courtesy, the club is to be advised should a player decide to play with another club in another association or tournament.


Player Requirements

1.That all player registration, game fees, training fees and uniforms payments for the current or upcoming season are to be paid upfront or by the third week of the grading rounds.

2.To provide any documentation-birth certificate etc-as requested by the club or the associations.

3.To attend all club training and games as directed by the club.-Be at both no later than fifteen minutes before the start  of trainings and games.

4.To participate in both training and game sessions in a manner that is not disruptive to others and where you will endeavour to improve in your ability to perform at your maximum level.

5.To supply your own basketball for training-Girls and Boys ( boys up to Un 14 ) use a size 6 basketball and Un 16 onwards for boys use a size 7.

6.To respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.

7.To advise the team manager or coach when you are not able to train or play.

8. To ensure that you have someone to score when your family is rostered on.8.To wear the club uniform and only the club uniform at your Cougar’s game.

9.To show respect and appreciation to all coaches, officials and administrators –not only from our club but all other clubs we participate against.

10.To respect all associations’ game administrators and officials (referees).

11.To respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person-be they team mates, opponents or officials.

12.Players are expected to support all fund raising and club functions.The club advises every one of our members to be conversant with our Parent Protocol which is located on our web site.   In particular please take note of the various Code Of Conducts which members are to adhere to.IndemnityWhilst every care is taken at all times, the club and its representatives accept no responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur to any player either at training , in a game or on the way to training or a game or transporting to and from the same.This also applies to tournaments the club participates


Mission Statement

Encourage and promote the sport of basketball in the Northern Suburbs of Victoria and its surrounding districts. Represent the interests of basketball and within the Northern Suburbs of Victoria and its surrounding districts. Encourage the development of socially desirable attitudes and values towards fitness and skills acquisition through play, training and competition. Provide access for individuals to participate and maximize their potential in the sport of basketball by competing in the level of basketball possible, given their own ability.

Our Motto

At Cougars Basketball we believe strongly in Our Motto. It is paramount that Basketball is our Passion, Peace, Dream and our Life. Basketball is exciting, working of the mind, body and also a great way to express yourself. Basketball provides a great stage of Development and Learning, Team and Group Development and is a great Sport.

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