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Operating a Domestic Basketball club of our size requires many things.  One of the major items to remember is for the various participants to understand the expectations of each other.  The Cougars Basketball Committee (CBC) has clarified expectations and set standards by developing numerous policies and other documents (e.g. uniform rules and Club code of conduct).

As you would expect, there are standards of behaviour and conduct that apply to our Coaching Director and Coaches in their role of developing the basketball skills and sportsmanship of your children, our players. The Club also has expectations of the player’s parents, and guidelines that as parents you need to be aware of.  What follows focuses on the Club's expectation of you. 

Also included is the parent Code of Conduct that has been produced by Basketball Victoria and the Grievance Process. As parents, we understand at times it is possible to form a view that our children are better than their ability level, and worthy of more.  As parents we want to see our children achieve as much as possible, but this can also cause us to lose some perspective as to what this is really about – sport as recreation for our children.

Expectations of Parent/Coach Interactions

The CBC is totally committed to supporting the reasonable decisions and actions of all of our coaches. 

They devote much time on and off the court, for no financial reward.  They should all be respected for their basketball expertise and dedication.  Parents or players who do not demonstrate an adequate level of respect will not be tolerated.


The CBC’s expectations of parents are as follows:Parents are expected to encourage their child to work hard if they wish to improve their game or team standing. Parents should appreciate that all coaches love kids who work hard to help the team and improve themselves, and ask themselves if their child fits this category.Parents are expected to be realistic about the role of their child in his/her team and take note of the level of effort he/she puts into training and developing their basketball skills compared to other players in the team.Parents are entitled to constructively discuss their child’s basketball with his/her coach if they feel the need to.Parents are expected to always discuss things with coaches in a reasonable manner. Issues should not be raised in an emotional state, particularly straight after a game. Parents who confront coaches in an angry or emotional way should expect to be turned away until another day.Parents should always go into any discussion with a coach with an open mind, and a view to resolve the matter that is acceptable for both parties. It is advisable to listen to what both parties have to say before making any judgements.In the interest of clear communication lines, parents should arrange face to face discussions with the coach about any concerns rather than use SMS messaging or email (see the process for this below). The tone of the latter two modes of communication can come across very differently to how it was intended.


Process for Raising Concerns or Issues with Coaches

 Parents who have concerns or issues are asked to invoke the “24 hour rule”, i.e. think about your issue for a day, and then decide if you still feel the same. If you do, you should discuss them with the Coaching Director (from the CBC) in the first instance. This will enable an independent opinion before taking issue with the coach.

 Parents are not to raise issues with a coach on the night or day after a game.

 If after 24 hours you still wish to discuss the matter with the coach you then are required to advise the Coaching Director who will inform the coach of your request to meet, and arrange the meeting as part of the “Player Grievance”. The Coaching Director will be present during the meeting. Note: Usually the best time for these types of discussions will be after your child’s team’s training.

Expectations of Respect for Privacy

We all have a responsibility to respect the privacy and information about individuals. In a basketball club where we are together in a relatively confined space for numerous hours per week, the “grape vine” can be very strong and we will hear comments about situations.

Chinese whispers are usually a distortion of the facts, and we strongly advise parents not to get caught up in the practice.

Adults in the club should be sensitive to the information they pass on about others, just as they would expect others to be sensitive regarding comments about themselves.

Coaches are instructed not to comment on other families’ children, and in the same manner, parents are requested not to pass judgement or comment on other children in the program.


These points are intended to help people in our club understand what is expected and what will not be tolerated. A good club can be a great club if we demonstrate respect for each other on a regular basis.

Mission Statement

Encourage and promote the sport of basketball in the Northern Suburbs of Victoria and its surrounding districts. Represent the interests of basketball and within the Northern Suburbs of Victoria and its surrounding districts. Encourage the development of socially desirable attitudes and values towards fitness and skills acquisition through play, training and competition. Provide access for individuals to participate and maximize their potential in the sport of basketball by competing in the level of basketball possible, given their own ability.

Our Motto

At Cougars Basketball we believe strongly in Our Motto. It is paramount that Basketball is our Passion, Peace, Dream and our Life. Basketball is exciting, working of the mind, body and also a great way to express yourself. Basketball provides a great stage of Development and Learning, Team and Group Development and is a great Sport.

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